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Hillary Clinton and her many opinions on the iraq war

President Grandma talks about the need to go into war with Iraq in 2002 and then pretends she was never for the war in the first place.

Is President Grandma a hypocrite who changes her mind based on public opinion?…of course not! She just evolves her view on things.

Vote President Grandma in 2016!


Hillary Clinton pulls a Gerald Ford

President Grandma shows her sweet footwork. This only proved how Presidential grandma can be, she looks just like Gerald Ford and we all know how great he was as President!!  Go Grandma Go!

Don’t worry, the only thing president grandma hurt was her pride…and her shoulder.

Hillary Clinton on People Magazine

Hillary Clinton on People Magazine

Here is future President Grandma on the cover of People, she appears to be using a walker (If it’s good enough for FDR it should be good enough for President Grandma!) or struggling to get out of a swimming pool whilst fully dressed?  Who cares?  One way or the other we need a Grandma in the White House!   Click the pic to go read a fantastic article in People about president grandma and other articles, including “Five Guys Play Billie Jean” with beer bottles and “What’s Angelina Jolie’s Birthday Wish!

This is a big step for President Grandma, appearing in such a prestigious publication!  Oh, look at that, Alice from the Brady Bunch died at the age of 88 that’s a shame, she seemed nice…don’t worry though, President Grandma is a vibrant 21 years younger than Alice!  Although it doesn’t look that way on the people cover, President Grandma will only be 69 when she’s the first Grandma of the United States!

Oddly enough, that’s the same age as Ronald Reagan, who many democrats thought was way too old to be president.  How they change their tune when it’s a Dem geezer running for the oval office!

Three Cheers for President Grandma…Hip Hip don’t break!  Hip Hip don’t break!  Hip Hip don’t break!